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Busko Zdr__j
Przewodnik turystyczny Ponidzie
Solec Zdr__j

Kurort24.pl is a portal bringing together all the important information on the site Ponidzie. The main task of the portal is to facilitate the rapid and free access to basic information peope to go to resorts, spas and pension on the therapeutic profiles and their characteristics, and treatments przyrodoleczniczych proposed by the various centers of wellness.
Through the Forum and the bather's guide people who already have benefited from treatment and can communicate their experiences and advice to potential kuracjuszom. Portal also contains a number of tourist information such as: Hiking, biking and car in a given region ( Busko-Zdroj , Solec-Zdroj and surrounding areas), interactive maps showing all the interesting objects. Also creates the possibility of a carefully planned time / guest house rehabilitation. The additional feature of the portal is to provide a route for cell phones and GPS Media which will facilitate the easy way to reach all interesting places. There are also some interesting descriptions and pictures ( Busko-Zdroj , Solec-Zdrój ). All information is also available in PDF format ( Busko-Zdroj , Solec-Zdrój ) is easy to print.
With E-newspaper (newsletter), our portal you will receive the most interesting information electronically. (Promotions, news, events). Through a search engine vacancies bather will be able to find free space and automatic registration of interest to him sanatorium building. With comprehensive descriptions and interesting photographs you can see and learn about some health resort, spa , guest house or hotel without leaving your home.

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Portal ten jest elementem projektu "Stworzenie portalu informacyjnego Uzdrowiska Świętokrzyskie" współfinansowanego ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego. Jest on narzędziem informacji dla kuracjuszy, a jego celem jest promocja uzdrowisk Busko Zdrój i Solec Zdrój. Uzupełnieniem treści tego przewodnika jest przewodnik turystyczny w formie książkowej.

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